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Cover by Brandon Duncan

A hunchback skulks across a desert landscape to harass a man who just wants to close his eyes and count Wyatt Earps jumping over fences like sheep. Then the hunchback’s hunch explodes, and (ir)reality skips a beat ... So goes the title piece for this special collection of D. Harlan Wilson’s latest short fiction, which features work that has been called “not right” or “too weird” or “lacking purpose and meaning” by various disgruntled magazine editors. Also included is the screenplay for “The Cocktail Party,” an award-winning animated film co-written with graphic designer and filmmaker Brandon Duncan ... Counting Earps & Other Rejekts—rated K for Kafkaesque.

© 2008 Avant Punk

"D. Harlan Wilson's un-filtered madness is laugh-out-loud funny and crazy contagious. Counting Earps & Other Rejekts is a room full of floating planets with nitrous oxide atmospheres, each world more brilliantly tweaked and ingeniously irreal than the last." Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Angel Dust Apocalypse & Extinction Journals