Raw Dog Screaming Press • 2014
HITLER: The Terminal Biography • 146 pages • ISBN 978-1-935738-58-9
FREUD: The Penultimate Biography • 144 pages • ISBN 978-1-935738-57-2
DOUGLASS: The Lost Autobiography • 152 pages • ISBN 978-1-935738-56-5
Paperbacks (5x8): $12.95 • Kindles: $4.99

The Complete Biographizer Trilogy • 442 pages • Kindle • $9.99


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Excerpts: Hitler


Publicist: John Wayne Communale
Author: D. Harlan Wilson


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HITLER: The Terminal Biography

An icon of true evil, Adolf Hitler is arguably the most important figure of the twentieth century. No one has so patently demonstrated the horrific capabilities of mankind. In Hitler: The Terminal Biography, D. Harlan Wilson tracks the life of the infamous monomaniac from struggling artist to mass murderer. Based on more than ten years of archival research and German sociological study, this one-volume account covers ground previously uncharted by other biographers, drawing heavily on newfound diaries, letters, and phonograph recordings of Hitler’s closest confidants as well as the Führer himself.

“An extraordinary and masterful work. Wilson has written the biography to end all biographies.” —GIDEON JOHNSON PILLOW, Professor of History and Chair of African-American Studies at the University of Fostoria

FREUD: The Penultimate Biography

In this unofficial, unauthorized sequel to Peter Gay’s groundbreaking Freud: A Life of Our Time, D. Harlan Wilson reveals a side of the man that has proven too disturbing and risqué for past biographers. Based on newly recovered diaries, microfiche, letters, and secret tape recordings, Freud: The Penultimate Biography recounts the daring sexual exploits of the father of psychoanalysis. Once considered to be impotent by the age of forty, if only according to the written testimonies of his wife, Freud is now revealed as an uncompromising flâneur, the figurehead of masculine sexuality and phallic prowess that everybody knew he was. It is a dangerous and at times shocking chronicle that puts the very nature of desire on trial.

“Wilson’s torrid biography of Sigmund Freud has quickly become my fondest guilty pleasure. And I have many guilty pleasures.” —JOHN SAPPINGTON MARMADUKE, Professor of Psychology and Men’s Studies at the University of Fostoria

DOUGLASS: The Lost Autobiography

Frederick Douglass stands as one of American history’s most extraordinary figures, overcoming the evils of slavery and racial construction by force of will and grit. As a fervent abolitionist, gifted orator, and sagacious editor and author, he became one of the most outspoken and influential social reformers of his time. During his life, he published three autobiographies chronicling his struggle from childhood to adulthood, from slave to free man, from ignorance to power-knowledge. And yet the full narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, contrary to popular belief, has been incomplete . . . until now. Recently recovered on an archeological dig in Ireland, where Douglass lectured extensively in the 1840s, this heretofore “lost” autobiography marks the fourth and final work in the library of his selfhood. Tying together loose ends in the previous three autobiographies while exposing remarkable, often disturbing secrets about his private life, Douglass portrays himself not only as a man of words and character but as a kind of anachronistic hipster and proto-beatnik. There is a reason this volume never saw publication during his lifetime. A reason—and a method.

“Once again, D. Harlan Wilson biographizes with a very large hammer. Beware.” —WILLIAM CLARKE QUANTRILL, Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Booker T. Washington Institute for African and African-American Research at Fostoria University


D. Harlan Wilson is a novelist, short story writer, editor, literary critic, playwright, biographer and Professor of English at Wright State University-Lake Campus. In addition to over twenty works of fiction and nonfiction, hundreds of his stories and essays have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies throughout the world in multiple languages. Wilson serves as reviews editor for Extrapolation, editor-in-chief of Anti-Oedipus Press, and managing editor of Guide Dog Books.