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There's a new genre rising from the underground. Its name: BIZARRO. For years, readers have been asking for a category of fiction dedicated to the weird, crazy, cult side of storytelling that has become a staple in the film industry (with directors such as David Lynch, Takashi Miike, Tim Burton, and even Lloyd Kaufman) but has been largely ignored in the literary world ... until now. The Bizarro Starter Kit features short novels and story collections by ten of the leading authors in the Bizarro genre, beginning with D. Harlan Wilson.

© 2006 Bizarro Books

"The Bizarro Starter Kit is an exceptional showcase of good writing and an excellent primer for any reader interested in darker, edgier speculative fare than most magazines and anthologies will print." The Pedestal Magazine

"The literary equivalent of a David Lynch or Time Burton film ... These stories offer a glimpse into a rising genre that functions like the cult movie section in your local video store." Horror World