Author Illustration à la The Kyoto Man by Brett Weldele

D. HARLAN WILSON (b. 1971) is an award-winning American scholar, novelist, editor, literary critic, playwright, talkshow host, and college professor whose body of work bridges the aesthetics of literary theory with various genres of speculative fiction. Critically referred to as “a genre unto himself” with a “style that is completely without peer,” he is the author of over thirty book-length works of fiction and nonfiction, and hundreds of his stories, essays, and reviews have appeared in magazines, journals, and anthologies across the world in multiple languages. Wilson serves as reviews editor for Extrapolation, managing editor for Guide Dog Books, and editor-in-chief of Anti-Oedipus Press. With authors David Agranoff and Langhorne J. Tweed, he is also the co-host of the Dickheads Podcast, devoted to the life and writing of Philip K. Dick. For more biographical and bibliographic information, refer to Wilson’s entries at Goodreads, Amazon, Wikipedia and SF Encyclopedia.