Author Illustration à la Gully Foyle by Brett Weldele

D. HARLAN WILSON’s books and monographs have been been printed and distributed by a variety of publishers, among them University of Illinois Press, Columbia University PressWallflower Press, Routledge, Palgrave Macmillan, SpringerEquus Press, Stalking Horse Press, Liverpool University PressAuteur PublishingGuide Dog Books, Black Scat Books, Raw Dog Screaming PressEraserhead Press, and Atlatl Press.

For queries regarding publicity and licensing rights, contact Wilson’s literary agent, Theodore Utne, of Hawgstrüffel Media, Inc. For bookings and general queries, contact his personal assistant, Betty Lomax.

All correspondence related to Anti-Oedipus Press should be emailed to publicity manager Stanley Ashenbach.

NOTE FROM D.: “With the greatest respect to the reader of this note and mankind in general, I can’t stand doing podcasts, talks, personal appearances, etc. However, if I’m handsomely paid, or better, if it’s for a good cause, I will not only prepare for the event, I will pretend as if I enjoy attending it and interacting with people. That said, there are seldom good enough causes or large enough sums of cash to motivate me to action. FYI, thank you, and best wishes.”