City of Boom

City of Boom

Publication Information

Publication Date: December 2019
Publisher: Anti-Oedipus Press
ISBN: 978-0-99-915353-6

$16.95 paperback

120 pages
5 x 8 inches

AOP Publicity: Stanley Ashenbach
Cover Design: C.V. Hunt


© 2019 Anti-Oedipus Press

A banished criminal. Two demons, a maiden, and a beast king. A holiday devoted to arson. Adventures in adult babysitting. Drugs, sex, and violence . . . In this innovative collection of short fiction, Bonnie Bee performs a delicate vivisection on pop culture and our collective unconscious to create myths out of common moments and legends out of unremarkable people. Through ancient allegory, modern celebrity, corrupted Shakespeare, and the shimmering oppression of West Texas, City of Boom reveals what we inherit from generations before us while showing how we cut out what’s dead to repair the living.

BONNIE BEE is an award-winning writer, playwright, and filmmaker.