Minority Report

Minority Report

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Publication Date: March 2022
Publisher: Auteur Publishing

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150 pages
5.5 x 7.4 inches


Editor-in-Chief: John Atkinson


@ Auteur Publishing 2021

Charting new territory in filmmaking technologies and Steven Spielberg’s oeuvre, Minority Report portrays a dystopian near-future that comments on our increasingly science fictional world and pays homage to the history of SF cinema. In this monograph, D. Harlan Wilson recounts the film's inception, production, reception, and afterlife since its release in 2002 while depicting it as a symptom of contemporary media pathology, post-9/11 paranoia, religious mania, and above all, the screen culture that has come to define the human condition.

This study is part of Auteur Publishing's CONSTELLATIONS series. Like the future itself, the imaginative possibilities of science fiction are limitless. And the very development of cinema is inextricably linked to the genre, which, from the earliest depictions of space travel and the robots of silent cinema to the immersive 3D wonders of contemporary blockbusters, has continually pushed at the boundaries. CONSTELLATIONS provides a unique opportunity for writers to share their passion for SF cinema and television in a book-length format. Authors place their chosen title in a variety of contexts—generic, institutional, historic, and social—enabling CONSTELLATIONS to map the terrain of SF film and TV from the past to the present . . . and the future.