Tao Te Jinx

Tao Te Jinx

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Publication Date: April 2023
Publisher: Anti-Oedipus Press
ISBN: 979-8-98-654790-9

$18.95 hardcover
$5.95 ebook

172 pages
5 x 8 inches

AOP Publicity: Stanley Ashenbach
Cover Design: Matthew Revert


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Steve Aylett has been described as a "literary terrorist," "a man possessed of comic demons," and "a master of one-liners." In his career, he has has thoroughly alienated and exhausted everyone who prefers reading garbage. Tao Te Jinx collects choice quotes and aphorisms from over twenty of Aylett's books, all of which are at once literary, satirical, and utterly singular.

This latest edition of Tao Te Jinx includes an introduction by D. Harlan Wilson and more material from Aylett's latest publications, namely the three-volume comic Hyperthick.

STEVE AYLETT is the author of books including Lint, Rebel at the End of Time, Novahead, Slaughtermatic, Heart of the Original, and The Complete Accomplice as well as the comics Hyperthick and The Caterer. He lives in Scotland.